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Why Us?

Industry Knowledge

We have a deep passion for the thoroughbred industry at The Trainers Hut Media and you know you are dealing with someone who is involved in the industry and has been for some time.


The Trainers Hut Podcast is speaking to key people in the industry across a range of topics. It includes guests from all walks of the industry, here in Australia and Overseas.

Media and Marketing Knowhow

We have a thorough understanding of how to maximise your business through your website and social media channels.

Continued Improvement

We are always looking to improve your brand and reach new audiences for your business. We are continually searching to improve our strategies to meet your needs.

Best of Both Worlds

By combining our passion for the racing and breeding industry's with our knowledge of optimisation the marketing and media for your business, you have the best of both worlds.


We pride ourselves on great communication. We regularly speak with our clients, so we can understand the message they want to pass through their social media channels.

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