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About Todd

Todd Blum, 30, is the Director of The Trainers Hut Media. He has experience working in both the thoroughbred industry and website and social media management. Todd is fuelled by his passion for racing and breeding and considers himself an eager student of the industry, always looking to learn more in the thoroughbred world and marketing field.


Todd grew up in West Gippsland on a small Pony and Brahman Cattle Stud, regularly riding at shows around the state. The saddle shed walls at their family farm were lined with his Grandmother's magazine clippings of racehorses of yesteryear such as Comic Court, Light Fingers, Galilee and many more.


During his time at Secondary School and beyond, Todd completed a number of work experiences at different media outlets including the local commercial radio station and newspaper, SEN Radio in Richmond and with Danny Power and Stephen Howell at Slattery Media Group’s Inside Racing Magazine. Todd also contributed articles to the Winning Post a number of times and hosted his own racing program on Community Radio Station 3BBR-fm for a number of years, starting in Year 9.


It was a natural progression to grow out of riding shetlands, and the interest in racing continued to grow. After finishing Year 12 in 2011, the next year he went to work at Shane Nichols’ Mornington Stable. Also, in 2013 Todd was hired to work at Darley Northwood Park, spending time working closely with the broodmares and foals, as well as the spelling racehorses.


Finding himself out of the industry after leaving Darley for a position that wasn’t the same as the one advertised, Todd completed a Diploma in Commerce at Deakin College. During this time he started Todd Blum Bloodstock as a way to stay involved in the industry. He was selling shares in racehorses for a number of trainers and booking mares.


In 2020, Todd started his own racing podcast, The Trainers Hut. It was created to showcase the industry that he is so passionate about by speaking to key participants at every level.


On the back of the podcast he realised there is a real need in the industry for people to get assistance in the promotion of their business through their website and social media channels. It is becoming such an important part of the industry and often people do not have the time to dedicate to it properly


The Trainers Hut Media was born and has continued to build momentum. Working closely with trainers, studs, breakers and bloodstock agents, Todd takes care of everything from the website and social media channels as well as promotional videos and such.


Get in touch to have a conversation how The Trainers Hut Media can help you and your business today.

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